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Adventures in Iran – Newsletter Series



Before coming to Iran, I didn’t really know what to expect.

People at home told me it would be dangerous to go there, and asked me if I wanted to get myself killed.

I would have to wear a hijab all the time, should tell everyone I am married and would definitely not be able to travel in this country without a man by my side.

Travellers that had been there told me a whole different story.

That it was an amazing country, that the people were extremely hospitable and that I should definitely go to see it for myself.

So I did.

The newsletter series Adventures in Iran takes you with me on my hitchhiking journey through the country.

I will show you a different side of Iran.

The one underneath the hijabs and behind closed doors. I will show you a part of Iran you don’t want to miss.

A part that is essential to understand even the tiniest bit of this beautiful country and its interesting people.

Are you ready to see the real Iran?

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Start date: First of August


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This video singlehandedly makes me want to go to Iran.
– Dick Skinngington (On ‘Don’t hitchhike in Iran’ Video)
I love seeing what people are really like, instead of what the news tells us. Great video
– Stan Hopkins (On ‘Right this minute TV Show’)

You girls are blessings to the Persian people. Thank for taking the trip, breaking stereotypes and sharing it :) Respect!
– Norcal Johnny (On ‘Don’t hitchhike in Iran’ Video)

Fear Porn
– Justin Dahl (On ‘How is hitchhiking as a woman in Iran’ Article)

This European duo plunged ahead into a colorful, friendly, and completely shocking (in a good way) road trip through a country that many Americans may have crossed off their destination list.
– Right this minute TV host (On ‘Right this minute TV Show’)


About Kim

Kim Berghout is a fulltime creative adventurer. She is hitchhiking all around the world while exploring different countries and cultures. Her main goal is to challenges stereotypes, promote female travel and to show that the world isn’t such a bad place. Let me take you along with me on my journey!