Cats of Istanbul

After roughly three months of traveling I arrived in Istanbul. With all the new impressions of the past months I was a bit done with sightseeing and instead of going to the touristy things and learn about the history and culture of the country I just photographed cats. Btw – Isn’t that also a form of culture?

Istanbul is filled with cats! Everywhere you will go you will find these cute creatures running around or lying like a big fat-ass on chairs, couches and tables. In general the cats are really healthy and well-fed. Everyone feeds them, just as everyone seems to like them and cuddle with them. As an aspiring cat photographer you will have all the opportunities in the world to test your skills. These are my favorites – not necessarily because of the great photos (most are made with my Iphone), but because of the places I found them.

Pretty cats on the streets





Pretty cats wondering around Istanbul. Lying in the sun or waiting for fish. Even when it is snowing, the people of Istanbul will make sure the cats have enough food. If not, they go looking in garbage bags.

Fat cats in the Cafes and bars



In the cafes cats are occupying chairs and usually they are so fat that you can hardly move them.. In the hostel where I did my workaway for ten days there was also a fat cat lying around all the time.

Cuddling and studying go together at Istanbul University

IMG_8165IMG_8347  IMG_8331        IMG_8158 IMG_8160

My favorite ones.. studying and cuddling cats seem to go quite well together. When working at the university – I mean, using the study room as workplace for the digital nomad that I am.. ;) – cats where basically EVERYWHERE. Jumping on laptops, sitting on students laps while they were reading their books.. One day the girl in front of me was definitely postponing her studies by collecting cats from all over the place and putting them around her.



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  1. Ze krijgen daar goed te eten. Overal vind je eettentjes en toeristen maken veel rotzooi. De katten hebben er altijd te eten!

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