This website is for travelers and adventurers.

For the ones who want to see the world and let nothing stop them from making that happen.
For the ones who are chasing after their dreams, trying their best to make them REAL.
For the ones that are willing to face their own fears, throwing themselves into the deep end.

This is for those out there, who are ready to do everything it takes to live life on their own terms. Meeting the world with an open mind. This is for you.

Deciding to follow your dreams, well.. that is just the start of all of it.

This website is all about showing you how to travel the world as a woman on an extreme low budget & to inspire you with my own story. Here, I am sharing my journey with you about hitchhiking, adventuring, working and living all over the world. I will tell you about the beautiful places I visit, the people I meet and the challenges I face. I would love to hear about yours, too. Let's connect! You can also join the adventure and stay updated!

Love, Kim


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