The good fight

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I will keep fighting the good fight.

Even if it looks like nothing is going to work out and all my plans are falling apart, I will keep fighting.

Even if I got so many setbacks and am on the edge of giving up completely, I won’t give in.

Even if I feel completely frustrated and desperate, I choose to use this energy to feed my goal instead. Change the negative flow into a positive one. To work even harder and to keep fighting.

Even if it now seems like I lost the battle and I am ready to say f*ck it all, I don’t care anymore, leave me alone! I will keep going on.

Even if going back to a comfortable life, whereby I don’t need to constantly fight is much more appealing: A life whereby I can compromise in not getting everything I want in exchange for having it easier. I know I wouldn’t. I won’t give up. I don’t do compromises.

Even if I have to step back or take a break.. I do not allow this negativity or temporary blockade to ruin my overall goal. I know that this is not failure. Doing a step back so I can run forward again doesn’t mean defeat. I will come back.

Even if my surroundings are telling me I should quit and I, myself, am starting to tell myself I should quit this nonsense right now, I won’t. I will choose to not be a coward and I will stand for what I want. This way, in the end if I lose or win, I will still win.

My fire will keep burning.

Because I promise, I will always keep fighting the good fight.



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