The modern resistance

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the modern resistance

I wrote a similar article like this before in Dutch when countries in Europe started to build walls. The article is still valid, even more than before.

The world as we know it seems to be changing by the day. It’s getting darker and more dangerous. The world as we know it is spreading its hate. It is excluding certain groups of people and leaving others behind. The ego is thriving. The ego loves to divide. To spread anger, hate and fear. To have two groups of people standing up against one another. To have people acting like they are different from one another. Two groups that don’t understand each other, looking at the opposite side filled with anger, hate, surprise, sadness.

But know, that even if the world seems to be getting darker and people are alienating from other human being, their fellow countrymen, neighbours, friends.. there will always be people that will resist. In times of (upcoming) wars and terror, crisis and hate, there is and always be a group of people who are not falling for it. The group of people that won’t give in. That are trying to understand the other person. To see where their so-called enemy is coming from. The kind of people who will in the end, whatever happens, try to see good in everyone. Who won’t let their anger, hate and sadness take over their silent battle for love. The kind of people that accept that we are humans, and humans make mistakes. Humans usually don’t really know what they are doing, but they are – in the end – doing the best they can. Based on how they were raised, how they grew up and the challenges they encountered. How their experience in life made them to what they are now and influence how they will raise their children, how those children will raise theirs, and so on.

Look for those people that still dare to believe. Look around you, and you will see them everywhere.


For every refugee family that will be send back to a country that has been completely destroyed, there is a family offering its house.

For every soldier fighting a war that’s not his, there are people coming together to strive for freedom and peace.

For every hate-spreading populist, there are thousands of local and community-based projects to bring people together and unite.

For every bank that promotes making immoral decisions, there are alternative economics and products in development.

For every media outlet telling women it’s not safe to travel, there are hundreds of female solo travelers taking over the world.

For every company that makes profit by selling stuff humans don’t need, there are people who are working together through collaborative solutions.

For every seemingly unacceptable cultural difference, there are travelers and locals working together to build bridges of understanding.

For every dirty political game, there will be people who realisethat it all doesn’t matter that much. That putting energy in these things is not worth it. That, in the end, doing things with love, kindness and intention is all that counts.

A special note to the USA.. 

Yes, it is really sad that this is the ”United” States of America best they can do. That the ”world’s leading nation” came to this as a result. Its embarrassing, sad, surprising, scary even. I understand you don’t want to live in a world like that. For other people, it seems to be a relief instead. A path to hope and greatness.

But hey you North Americans over there. This is your country. No problem is going to be solved by judging half a country as being entirely stupid. The real war is inside your head. Its about fighting your own stereotypes and prejudgements. Acknowledging that we all have them. That we all see enemies around us, everywhere. We need all-inclusive compassion. Not only for the refugees, blacks, LGTB’s and women. I think my kind of readers can understand these groups all to well. No, we need to learn to be compassionate towards the people we see as enemies. The people that have been feeling left out by all the decision making of the past years. Not only in the USA, but also Europe is spreading its populistic political influence.

The modern resistance

The world as we know it is falling apart. So we take action. Develop alternatives. Help out and try to understand. We think compassionately and inclusive. We are the activist, the new generation of idealists, the bridge builders, the innovators, the volunteers, the people who dare to think beyond what has been told is possible. We are the people that will always keep on fighting for a better society. The people who unite in times of anger and hate.

As long as we are able to express ourselves and evolve, there is hope.

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