Travel video: Crossing Kazakhstan – 5000 km on a 15-day visa

After our adventures in Iran, Lena and me wanted to leave the country somehow in the direction of Central Asia. We decided to go to Azerbaijan, and from there cross the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan!

For almost three days, I felt like a pirate. On a container ship, just the blue sea around..everywhere you can look.. A few crew members were from Georgia, which meant they had Georgian wine with them from their home country. Of course they shared this with half of the boat. No vodka for these pirates, just wine. So much better, tho.

After the boat trip we arrived to Kazakhstan and got a 15-day visa on arrival. As Kazakhstan is the 9th biggest country in the world and mostly consists of empty, steppe landscape.. it was going to be a tough hitch. Watch the video to see how it went.. :)



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  1. Wow, wat een onwijs gaaf avontuur weer! Aangezien met een gezin van 4 liften niet heel makkelijk zal gaan en onze kids ook nog niet echt de lol zullen inzien van deze avonturen is dit nu niet voor mij, maar ik geniet dubbel zo hard mee met jullie. :)

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